LIVE BLOG: Djokovic! 6-0 7-6 on Tsitsipas, sixth IBI title. Swiatek def. Jabeur 6-2 6-2

Follow all the emotions of the finals at the Internazionali BNL d’Italia live from Foro Italico

This content was published 2 years ago. It may refer to a past edition of the Internazionali d’Italia.

18:00 – Iga Swiatek and Novak Djokovic are the 2022 Champions of the Internazionali BNL d’Italia. A long week that we will not forget, rich of emotions, great tennis and the enthusiasm of the fans that makes the Foro Italico unique in the world. The Live Blog ends here. Thank you for following us, point by point, match after match. See you next year !!!

17:48 – Another rally with great spin, but… this time it is Tsitsipas to hit a cross backhand in the corridor. Game Set Match Djokovic !!!! 7 points to 5, he wins 6-0 7-6 in one hour and 36 minutes. Sixth title in Rome for the n.1 in the world.

17:47 – 5-4 Djokovic, another long and hard rally, Tsitsipas leads with the backhand, shots loaded with tons of spin. Djokovic fires on the net the ball, and falls wide. 5 all! Good serve Djokovic, 6-5, Match Point!

17:43 – Tiebreak! Djokovic takes the lead by winning a hard backhand rally, backhand vs backhand, Tsitsipas is the first to hit out. 3-2 and then 5-2 Djokovic.

17:34 – 5 all. The comeback of # 1 was completed. 1 hour and 20 minutes. Stefanos stays strong now, stemming his rival’s momentum with excellent serves. The Greek moves on 6-5. Tiebreak just around the corner?

17:24 – Djokovic Break back!!! Novak moves 15-30 in return on 5-3. High pressure for Stef… Novak leads the rally, moves Stefanos left and right, who tries to get out of this with a drop shop… that dies into the net. 15-40, two break point… another rally, the forhand by Stefanos is OUT! Djokovic to serve on 4-5.

17:16 – Another good game for Tsitsipas, who comes back from 15-30 and closed it with an excellent tight cross forehand winner. Now Stefanos keeps up with Novak’s pace even in the rally. 5-2 ahead the Greek in the second set.

17:04 – 4-1 Tsitsipas. Inertia totally reversed in the second set! Tsitsipas is a completely different player right now: has canceled his apathetic-mode and serves well, runs forward and touches safely on his rival’s drop shot. Fast, aggressive. Now is Djokovic forced to chase to reopen the second set.

17:00 – Sudden drop in attention from Djokovic. He makes the first unforced errors of the match, 15-40! Another one! Novak hits a poor forehand, played with little energy. BREAK Tsitsipas, ahead 3-1 in the second set. Novak yells to his corner, seems bothered by something.

16:54 – Tsitsipas serve now works fine. With 3 good firsts in and a strong forehand down the line, Stefanos moves 2-1.

16:54 Tsitsipas serve had finally started! With 3 excellent first serve and a big forehand, Stefanos holds, is the first good game of his match. 2-1 Tsitsipas the score.

16:50 – 21 points to 4 won from the baseline by Djokovic. Total domination so far.

16:48 – GAME Tsitsipas! The crowd greet the first game won by the Greek. Does the game start?

16:42 – 6-0 Djokovic. On Set Point, Stefanos badly sticks the ball, which remains in play for the easy smash of the “Djoker”. It is exact image of the first set, nothing worked for the Greek, too easy for Djokovic. 36% of first balls in for Tsitsipas, but there is no acceptable number in this terrible performance. Easy, all too easy for Novak.

16:37 – No match out there. Tsitsipas is completely dominated. He loses is third service game forcing out a in the rally. FIVE ZERO Djokovic. The audience watches the “solo” of # 1 almost in silence…

16:26 – Double BREAK! Djokovic enters “the wall mode”: no errors, plays with that rhythm, angles and speed that becomes unsustainable for his rival. Tsitsipas has a double fault. He pays heavily: on the break point hits OUT with the forehand, suffers the second break. 3-0 Djokovic.

16:18 – The male final starts with a shock… 0-40! Immediate break points for Novak. NO! What an error Stefanos! The Greek leads the rally, runs forward but the volley (not impossible) dies into the net. BREAK for Djokovic, 1-0 ahead. Easly, takes the lead on 2-0.

16:02 – Stefanos Tsitsipas and Novak Djokovic enter in the “Centrale” @ Foro Italico.

14:45 – At 4 pm the men’s final of the International BNL d’Italia: Novak Djokovic against Stefanos Tsitsipas.

14:30 – 5-2, 30 all. Jabeur serves with Iga two points far from victory. Swiatek is totally aggressive, here’s the MATCH POINT! Long rally on backhand, Jabeur smashes the last one into net. It’s over! 6-2 6-2 the score. Iga kneels, she has just won the 5th tournament of her sensational season so far, and she confirmed as IBI champion. Her streak of consecutive successes moves to 28. The IBI22 final was dominated by the undoubtedly strongest tennis player on the WTA tour. BRAVA IGA!

14:25 – SHOWTIME on “Centrale”! Swiatek saves four break point. In the last one, Jabeur moves Swiatek from all sides, forward, backward, sideways, but is Iga to prevail, incredibly fast and smart on court. What a rally, the best of the match. She saves the most difficult game of the match, takes the lead up to 5-2.

14:13 – Break Jabeur! Sudden turnaround in the set, Ons finally with a game on return. A splendid volley by Ons, perfect, on the decisive point. 4-1 Swiatek, Jabeur to serve.

14:08 – Swiatek runs away with a double break, thanks to a terrible double foul by Jabeur too. A Tsunami Iga so far. 4-0 the score.

14:00 – Impressive how Iga hits a cross backhand (30-30) in the second game. A shot perfect as speed, precision, balance, everything! Beautiful. With another great forehand, Swiatek breaks Jabeur, taking the lead on 2-0. The face of Ons does not hide all the frustration of the moment, unable to “hold still” the rival on court.

13:56 – First game of the second a little complicated for Swiatek. It is the longest game of the match so far, Iga saves a break point and moves 1-0.

13:45 – Set Point Swiatek! Iga puts tons of pressure in return, practically on every point. The first set point arrives at 30-40. Jabeur saves this, but can do nothing on the deadly forehand from ¾ on the next rally. Second Set Point… It’s the good one. Jabeur leads the rally, but Swiatek is perfect at finding a fantastic forehand down the line that overturns the inertia; then, feet into the court and an FIRES a terrific shot that Ons does not contain. 6-2 Swiatek. Impressive tennis by the Polish. Impressive.

13:37 – Excellent return from Swiatek, serves well, enters the court and leads the rally from the center. The eighth game goes to the advantages, for the first time on the Polish’s serve. With another – splendid – forehand down the line, Iga stops the good moment of Ons. 5-2 Swiatek the score.

13:35 – On 4-2 Swiatek, here is the very first drop shot directly in return from Jabeur. One of the house specialties. Iga is surprised, runs fast to the net but fail in putting the ball back into play. With another great shot Jabeur goes 0-30.

13:29 – Fast ball to the right, step forward and even faster and deeper one to the left. And so on. A deadly hammering from the baseline by Swiatek, she is overwhelming Jabeur’s defense. Iga leads 4-1, in total control of the rally the Pole.

13:18Off to a hot start for Swiatek, leads 3-0 in 12 minutes, with a break in the second game. All very fast on the court, too much for Jabeur, almost overwhelmed by the speed and intensity of Iga.

13:00 – Ons Jabeur and Iga Swiatek enter the Centre court on time. The Tunisian smiles, as she performs some exercises with her wrist before the coin toss. The Pole comes to the net hopping. Here we are, let’s go!

12:30 – BUONA DOMENICA from Rome! Today the 2022 edition of the Internazionali BNL d’Italia ends. On “Centrale” the women’s final is about to begin: Iga Swiatek and Ons Jabeur will face for the title. Jabeur leads 2-1 in head to head, this will be their first match on clay. Swiatek has an extraordinary season so far, Ons comes from the success of the WTA 1000 in Madrid last week. There are all the ingredients for extraordinary final. Not before 4 pm, the men’s final between the world n.1 Novak Djokovic and Stefanos Tsitsipas. Djokovic leads 6-2 in head to head, and one of their most exciting matches was played in Rome last year in the quarter-finals. Djokovic won 7-5 in the third set, it was an unforgettable show. The Greek is playing great tennis this year on clay, the Serbian has recovered his best condition during the tournament.
An extraordinary afternoon awaits us, let’s live it together!

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