Berrettini struggles but wins over Travaglia. Dimitrov pasts Sinner. Terrible injury for Kasatkina. Nadal, Djokovic ok

This content was published 4 years ago. It may refer to a past edition of the Internazionali d’Italia.


21:05 – Game Set Match Svitolinaaaa! Elina closes at the fourth match point, missed return by Kuznetsova. Svitolina faces tomorrow the winner of the match just started on “Centrale”, Vondrousova vs. Hercog.


20:42 – The men’s singles ends here for today. The match between Svitolina and Kuznetsova is still in progress, with Elina leading 4-3 and serve after winning the first. Soon Hercog vs. Vondrousova, last match of the day.


20:41 – GSM NADAAAAL! Rafa stays focused, returns on 5-3 and “decide” to end here. He pushes hard and breaks the Serbian’s serve. 6-1 6-3 for the reigning champion, in a match that was a sort of training.




20:18 – DIEGOOOOO WINS – Schwartzman ON FIRE on 4 all. Terrific effort, Diego has the momentum entering in the final part fo the match. He breaks the serve and closes 6-4. Bravo Diego !!! Tomorrow the SUPREME CHALLENGE: a certain Rafa …


19:51 – 6-1 Nadal. Rafa imposes his devastating power, Lajovic finds no way out


19:44 – 6-2 Schwartzman. Diego imposes his own pace to the rallies and moves Hurkacz right and left. When the Pole is called not to run but “chase”, with less time to regain the center of the field, the match changes completely …




19:37 – INFINITE game! 18 points are needed for Rafa to move forward 3-1. What a fight!


19:17 – BREAK SCHWARTZMAN !!! The fourth game is fatal to Hurkacz. the Argentine puts the arrow and goes ahead in the set. Diego has grown the pace of his groundstrokes hitting the corners. He takes the lead and go 4-1.


18:55 – Waiting for Rafa’s match, here is El Rey today while having fun with the ball. What talent even with the feet!


18:51 – HURKA Hurkacz! The Pole takes the first 6-3 against Schwartzman. Hubert overpowered Diego with his returns and greater pace with his groundstrokes.




18:45 – GAME SET MATCH KOEPFER. Unfortunately Musetti suffered a right arm injury at the end of the first set. He was no longer able to serve with his normal pace and find his best shots. Koepfer closes the match 6-0.


18:21 – Novak Djokovic is on Pietrangeli to see Musetti’s match.


18:18 – Medical Time Out Musetti. Lorenzo has a problem in the upper part of his right arm.


18:14 – Koepfer serves for the set ahead 5-4. Musetti pushes as hard as he could, and with and snatches a break point! Dominik plays in class: strong first service and backhand cross to cancel the chance. Koepfer secures the set 6-4. 5-12 the count winning-errors for Lorenzo; 7-11 for Dominik.


18:07Off to a hot start for Koepfer, breaks Musetti’s serve in the third game and stays strong on his service game. Lorenzo produces some great tennis, drop shot, volleys, but the German is very very very solid in his service game. Koepfer ahead 5-3.


17:42 – Just started Musetti vs. Koepfer on Grand Stand. Incredible chance for both, two qualified competing for a place in the quarter-finals of Masters 1000.


17:29 – Some matches just ended. Djokovic 7-6 6-3 on Krajinovic; Muguruza 6-4 6-1 on Konta. Garbine will face Azarenka in the quarters tomorrow, it’s going to be a BIG BIG match, probably the best of the tournament so far.


17:20 – Terrible bad injury for Daria Kasatkina. In the second point of the tiebreak, Daria runs towards the net, hitting a ball that has suffered the deflection of the net. When braking, her foot locks onto the serve line and the ankle sprain completely. Kasatkina falls heavily to the ground, and Azarenka immediately runs to help her. The injury seems serious, Daria is forced to retire. What a misfortune!


16:49 – Vika “messes up”! In clear advantage, he makes tooooo many unforced and Kasatkina breaks straight back, 3 all. What seemed like an “easy” match for Azarenka has become considerably complicated …


16:48 – DJOKOVIC SET! Novak secures the tiebreak of the first set 9-7. A double fault by Krajinovic on 7 all was decisive. The one won by Nole is the 24th TB out of the last 25 played. This is serious…


16:396-4 MUGURUZA! Garbine wins the first, while Azarenka is ahead 3-1 with Kasatkina.


16:24 – Djokovic levels at 5-5 after a 16 point game. That was SOME performance from Krajinovic.


16:17 – Muguruza vs. Konta follows the service, no break point for now. Azarenka wins the first game of the match saving by two break points.


15:56 – Putintseva completes the comeback, wins 6-2 in the third and reaches the quarters. What a week and what a FIGHTER Yulia! Just started Konta vs. Muguruza. Soon on play Azarenka and Kasatkina.


15:45 – What a tiebreaker between Ruud and Cilic! Casper snatches 2 match points by flying 6-4. Cilic doesn’t give up and forces to 6 even. Casper loses his first of serve, but Marin is too pushes too much with forehand and hits out. 7-6, other MP Ruud. It’s done! GSM RUUUUUUD! 1 hour and 34 minutes, 6-2 7-6 the score of Berrettini’s next rival. Winners and errors: +4 Ruud, -9 Cilic.


15:38 – SHOWTIME SHAPOOOO. Denis gets his best career performance at the IBI by landing in the quarterfinals. 6-7 6-1 6-4 the final score. After too much up and down in the first, from the beginning of the second Shapovalov has literally raised the speed and quality of his game, becoming “unplayable”. Denis closes with 27 winners and 38 errors; Humbert 19 winner and 35 errors. In the next round, a great match with Dimitrov for the Canadian.


15:24 – Djokovic just started his match vs. Krajinovic; Cilic and Ruud 5 all in the second, will it be a tiebreak?


15:14 – SET PUTINTSEVA! Yulia completes the comeback, wins the tiebreak 7-3, it’s a three set match. After 1h and 58 minutes of hard fighting, who will be the toughest in the third?


14:56 – Putintseva comeback! The Kazakh never “dies”: under 2-5, she breaks Kybakina’s serve twice and reopens a match that seemed closed. This Kazakh derby has turned into a very tough match.


14:53 – BREAK SHAPO! Denis 1-0 ahead. He wins a long, hard-fought returning game, with spectacular rallies. The Frenchman seems a little slower with his feet.


14:48Set Ruud! Leading 5-2, the Norwegian is still hungry: pushes hard and breaks Cilic’s serve again, winning a set in which he scored 93% of points with the first and 2 out of 3 with the second. Watch out for Casper ……..




14:32 – Fly like an eagle … SHAPO SHOT, backhand down the line, jumping… That’s Amazing! SHOWTIME SHAPOOOO!


14:23 – “Solid as a rock”. Not the beautiful song of the 80s, but RUUUUD, which rocks vs. Cilic. No mistakes for him, and pushes the Croatian to miss. 3-0 ahead Casper.


14:14 – Cilic vs Ruud to warm up; Rybakina! The first set ends 6-4 on Putintseva, after a fierce battle. HALEP BREAK, she serves 6-5 to close the first on Yastremska and… it’s done! 7-5. Simona.


13:32 – What a battle between Sinner and Dimitrov! Grigor serves for the match ahead 5-3, but Jannik strengthens and bravely breaks back the Bulgarian. The tenth game is a fierce fight, with Dimitrov so good at imposing his offensive strokes and Jannik fighting back with his powerful forehand. The fifth Match Point is decisive: Sinner leads the rally but misses an easy smash! GAME SET MATCH DIMITROV, what a beautiful, beautiful match!


13:25 – On Pietrangeli, tight match with Humbert up 4-3, Shapovalov to serve. And it serves badly! Double foul and Humbert break point at 30-40!


13:11 – GAME SET MATCH B E R R E T T I N I !!! Matteo struggles but wins the two tiebreakers in the derby with Travaglia. In the topic moments, Berrettini’s greater power and experience was decisive, but Matteo was very nervous and not so fast on court. BRAVO Travaglia, the Italian played a beautiful tournament and fought until the last ball against the No. 8 in the world. Crazy the finals numbers of the match: perfect balance! 17 winners and 28 errors for both!


12:40 – DIMITROV SET! 6-4 on Sinner the second set. Bravo Grigor to raise the level throughout the set, and in particular in the decisive moment, 5-4 ahead and returning. He pushes hard with the forehand, returns so long and accurate (almost in Jannik’s feet) and then uses the back on his backhand, proposing slow balls so difficult to push back. Excellent Dimitrov.


12:25 – GAME SET MATCH PLISKOVA! So fast Karolina to secure her match vs. Blinkova. 6-4 6-3 the final score.


12:22 – What a battle Sinner – Dimitrov! Second set, Jannik starts strong, breaks the serve with 4 points in a row; Grigor raises his pace to the maximum, stays aggressive in returns, coming to the net. Counter break Dimitrov! 3 all the score now.


12:13 – SET! 7-6 Berrettini! Matteo leads in the tiebreak, moves forward 3-0 and then 5-3. Closes at the second set point with a crazy rally, everything happens. More winners but also more mistakes for Berrettini in the set.


11:536-4 SINNER! The Italian secures the first set. He ruled the game with more winners (and more mistakes). VERY HIGH the level in the tenth game, with Grigor trying to surprise Jannik rising up the speed of his strokes, but without succeeding.


11:49 – SET Pliskova! 6-4 for Karolina on Blinkova. On court 1, Mertens break back Kovinic, the match is on 4 all.


11:30 – On Pietrangeli the IBI19 champion Pliskova is 3 all with Blinkova, while on court 1 Kovinic’s golden moment continues, ahead 3-1 on Mertens.


11:20 – Sinner immediately ahead of Dimitrov! Grigor serves and loses the opening game. Sinner moves forward 3-1. On Centre Court, Berrettini BREAK, ahead 2-0, but Travaglia comeback immediately, 2 all.


10:50 – GOOD MORNING !!! R U Ready for another extraordinary day of tennis? Three Italian immediately on court as first match. On “Centrale” the derby Matteo Berrettini vs. Stefano Travaglia, a match probably full of tension as there is a place in the quarter-finals at stake. On Grand Stand, Jannik Sinner challenges Grigor Dimitrov, in a very intriguing match given the sharp contrast in style between the “classic” tennis of the Bulgarian and the high-rhythm of the Italian. Today will play Djokovic, Halep, Nadal, Shapovalov, Muguruza, Azarenka … What an incredible schedule!

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