Schwartzman – Shapovalov what a match! El Peque wins and challenges Novak. Halep – Pliskova for the title

This content was published 3 years ago. It may refer to a past edition of the Internazionali d’Italia.


22:33 – The tension is sky high, and the third set is decided… by Decider! TIEBREAK !!! Denis hits a BOMB return, mini break, 1-0 and serve. Shapo takes too much risks and the ball lands out a few centimeters. 1-1. Double Fault !!?! Incredible, 2-1 Schwartzman. Shapo tries a drop shot, but does’t work, 3-1 Schwartzman! The Canadian pushes as hard as he could, smashes a terrific forehand, it’s 3-2 Schwartzman, but Shapovalov to serve. Diego enters in “WALL MODE”, the Canadian is the first to miss. Schwartzman 4-2 ahead. What a mistake Diegoooooo! An easy passing shot passer is soooo wide, he stays 4-3 ahead… but what an opportunity missed! Denis comes back to life, 4 all!!! The tension is so huge that the match go ahead by mistakes now. Shapo is the first to drop. Three errors in a row costs him the match. 6-4 – TWO MATCH POINT SCHWARTZMAN -… long rally, Shapo’s forehand dies into the net. Game Set Match SCHWARTZMAN !!! Thank you guys! Tennis is a BEAUTIFUL sport !! See you tomorrow for the Finals: Halep vs. Pliskova; Schwartzman vs. Djokovic.


22:13 – The third set is a “crescendo” of INCREDIBLE emotions! Denis takes the kead, Diego comes back. Shapo flies 4-2, El Peque hits 4 all. STELLAR tennis for quality, by both, what a show! Shapovalov breaks and goes to serve for the match at 5-4. Lost the first of serve, and Schwartzman comes back to life: 5 all! What a set!


21:06 – 12th and decisive game, Shapo to serve for the set! Denis from 30-0 falls 30-40. Break Point! Long and hard rally, SHAPO pushes and wins the point, what a risk! Deuce. Attack and Volee! SET POINT SHAPOVALOV! Another attack, the passing shot dies on the net. 7-5 Shapovalov! Nice set, tons of emotions.


20:50 – Shapovalov feels the tension! Schwartzman pushes hard, and Denis gets in trouble. A double fault on the break point is the worst way to lose the service game. 5 all! With great courage Denis forces at his best on return, and for once the Argentine falls in crisis! A black out (with 1 double foul) costs Diego the counter break! Shapo goes to serve again 6-5 ahead.


20:26 – Second set, Fifth game. Denis boosts a disruptive forehand that Diego does not manage. The Argentine misses the following forehand, it’s 15-40 -> two break points! Suddenly Schwartzman suffers a little black out- forced by the monstrous thrust of Shapo – : unforced on the second break point, it costs him the BREAK! Denis ahead 3-2, for the first time in the match.


20:06 – Tenth game, we go to the advantages. A double fault costs Denis the first SET POINT! He cancels it with a prefect serve and volley. Save this one, but missed the next Break Point, the ball lands into the net. “SIIIII” shouts Diego, he wins the first 6-4. He deserves it, played more consistent and continuous tennis. But the show is all thanks to Denis.


19:55 – Schwartzman serves to win the first set on 5-3. In the very first point Denis makes an INCREDIBLE shot: from meters out of the field, he hits a passing backhand that dies on the line. Diego is stunned, collapses 0-40 and suffers the break! Denis serves on 4-5.


19:37 – Denis finally entered the set with a good game at service. He start to pushes returning, but Diego doesn’t miss any shot. Schwartzman leads 4-1.


19:26 – Somebody told Shapovalov his match started at 7 pm… Denis serves so bad, and hits so many unforced. Diego, just keeping the ball on court, flies 3-0 ahead.


19:17 – First point, Diego to serve. Second service, Shapovalov pushed with a terrific forehand. Winner down the line. Did anyone think Denis was “wait-and-see” tonight?


18:42 – Vondrousova serves under 4-5. Pliskova pushes to “close it here”. First a stunning backhand, then a big big forehand, terrifying for power and precision. 0-30! Karolina pushes too much in return. 30-30. Tries again Pliskova, snatches the point of 30-40 … MATCH Point! It’s over! 6-2 6-4 the score of a match dominated by the reigning champion, who tomorrow will try to defend the 2019 title against Simona Halep. It will be a total style contrast! The final will be played at 2.30 pm.


18:30Up and Down in the second set! Pliskova puts her head forward, on the third break point in the game she breaks her compatriot’s serve. Karolina’s advantage does not last long! She gets distracted in the following game, smashes two double faults and Break Back Vondrousova. 4 all.



18:13 – The final of the Women’s Doubles has just ended. The success went to the couple Strycova – Hsieh, who defeated Friedsam – Olaru with a double 6-2. Now the men’s final on court: Granollers – Zeballos serve for the first set 5-4 ahead on Chardy – Martin.


18:04Pliskova distracts, or relaxes. She misses some shots at the beginning of the second set and loses her serve. Vondrousova leads 1-0, but just for few minutes. Karolina stats to hammer again and Marketa suffers a deadly double foul. Pliskova break back Vondrousova with a nice cross backhand return. 1 all in the second.


17:51 – SET POINT Pliskova. Returning ahead 5-2, Karolina tries a drop shot, but Marketa is very fast to pounce on the ball and touch it precisely down the line. Pliskova pushes hard with her forehand and gets another chance to win the set. It’s the right one: fast and accurate cross backhand return, Vondrousova can do nothing. 6-2 in 33 minutes of Karolina’s absolute domain.


17:32What a hard hitter Karolina! When she found equilibrium and the right feeling, she is practically unplayable. With three stunning shots, Pliskova on return goes 0-40. Marketa fights but can’t save the second one. BREAK PLISKOVA! Yesterday Vondrousova had never lost her service game against Svitolina. Karolina eases 4-1 in the first.



17:23 – First points of the second female SF: Pliskova to serve. Just one match between the two: Karolina won.


17:11 – Next match on Centre Court, the second women’s semifinal: Pliskova vs. Vondrousova. Only one previous, won by Karolina.


16:58 – Game Set Match Djokovic. The n.1 secures a spot in the Final safely, winning a tough tough battle. He greets Ruud very cordially at the net, and greets (as usual) the public on the four corners of the” Centrale”. He writes a “Forza” on the camera and leaves the field, having produced 37 winners and 19 errors. Same number of mistakes for Ruud, but 26 winners. A terrifinc match, so tough and tight. “Super-Nole” awaits the winner of the evening match, Shapovalov or Schwartzman.


16:39 – DJOKOVIC TEARS UP! Returning 3-2, Novak plays a huge game. Has the momentum, a 15 minutes of REAL Djokovic. In the rallies he arrives to the ball with great ADVANCE and plays a series of beautiful backhand down the line. Novak BREAKS Ruud, take the lead 4-2 and service. The decisive shock of the match.


16:27 – Another 10 minutes and 15 seconds for Novak to climb 2-1. The match saw 15 games in 1h and 39 minutes. Fierce fight, and Djokovic too much nervous, screaming few times.


16:1512 minutes to win his first serving game … Ruud struggles, but it holds up. A beautiful drop shot by Novak is one of the most spectacular points of the match so far.


15:57 – Rebel Yell !!! No, we’re not talking about Billy Idol’s legendary hit, but Djokovic’s loud scream, when Ruud’s ball flies away on the Set Point! After 1h and 9 minutes of very hard rallies, the # 1 secures the first set 7-5, recovering a break and suffering terribly. Some numbers: 20 winners and 15 errors for Novak, 14-14 for Ruud. The Norwegian played a terrific tennis during the set, but unfortunately for him he was unable to close it serving 5-4.


15:43 – Ruud to serve ahead 5-4. Ruud pushes hard and glides 40-15, Two Set Point! No Good! Ruud misses two backhand. Djokovic stays “quiet” and waits the unforced by Casper, that… arrives. Another error pushing his backhand costs the BREAK!… 5 all the score. even. But the match doesn’t turn completely to Novak. Ruud keep on pushing and rushing. A terrific 12 minutes send Djokovic 6-5 ahead.


15:17 – Casper not only trains at Rafa Nadal’s Academy, but he also looks like a “little Rafa” for the effectiveness of his drives! What loaded, long, “bad” balls, it is not easy to return them effectively. Djokovic does not find a way to break the BRUTAL pressing of the Norwegian. 3-1 and 4-3 Ruud. What a start …


15:01 – The match Djokovic – Ruud has just started. Off to a hot start for Ruuuud! Third game, Novak to serve. Casper ahead 0-30, he pushes his groundstrokes at best pace with his feets down the line. With a nice slice forehand soooo smooth gets the first break point of the match. He returns a long and consistent ball, suuuuuper loaded of top spin that dies just inside the field. Nole can’t manage it, BREAK Ruud!


14:25 – To serve has become a “problem” in the third set, because both return very well. Muguruza is in trouble in getting back into motion at the end of the service movement. The score is 15-30 and Double Foul !!!!! Two Match Point HALEP !!!!!!!! Double Foul Again!!!! What a pity… Garbine does not deserve to close the match in this way. Simona wins 6-3 4-6 6-4, it’s the third IBI final for her. Applause also to Muguruza, what a fighter!


14:20 – Halep seems in control, runs forward 5-1 to serve for the match. Muguruza now seems tamed, but the champion’s heart is huge. Garbine takes big risks, pushes harder and harder and wins three games in a row with two breaks. The score is 5-4, Muguruza to serve. INCREDIBLE!


13:52 – Has Muguruza run out of energy? As soon as the Iberian losts her best pace, Simona “gets on top” with her rhythm and pressing grounds loaded with top spin. Muguruza in a few minutes loses her service game and collapses 0-3.


13:35 – MUGU ON FIRE! Garbine enters “in the zone”, pushes damn well with the backhand and takes many points by pure pace, running also to the net and closing with decision. She breaks Simona and goes to serve 5-4 ahead. Muguruza doesn’t tremble: 4 points in a row and secures the sets 6-4. Incredible effort by Muguruza, and what a top class tennis!


13:29 – WHAT A SHOW on “Centrale”! Simona and Garbine are fighting on every ball, the rallies are RIDICULOS! Fantastic the contrast between the aggressive shots of Garbine and Simona’s tactical and lucid pressing. Brava Muguruza to suffer in defense. She holds up and finally wins a service game. 4 all!


13:14 – Hard Fighting in the second set. Simona runs ahead 3-1, but Garbine – one step away from defeat – hits as hard as she could, taking enormous risks. Counter break Muguruza, 3-2 Halep the score. The problems in movements by Garbine, in particular the left leg pushing with forehand, is evident.


12:49 – The trainer arrives on court, Muguruza suffer a problem to her back. She leaves the court for treatment.


12:47 – NOOO Garbine! She runs forward for a drop shot (not even excellent …) by Simona, but she hits soooo heavy. 15-40 and two SET POINTS for Simona !! OK the second, Garbine goes long with a backhand cross acceleration. Too many unforced Garby … SET HALEP! 6-2


12:43 – MUGURUZA! The Spaniard is not going to lose, she finds a couple of “bomb” returns and Simona doesn’t hold up. Break Garbine, serves 3-5 under. The set isn’t finished yet …


12:38 – Simona goes fast !!! In the fifth game she hammers with heavy cross shots. Muguruza is out of service, goes into great trouble… BREAK Halep again. Garbine is not so quick and confident with her footwork, perhaps she is affected by yesterday’s tough game. 5-2 Halep.


12:30 – Simona struggling with service. Collapses 0-40, but she is very smart opening the angle with her groundstrokes. Muguruza is forced to run. With a nice backhand cross Simona cancels two break chances. The Romanian game plan is clear: Garbine has to run, hitting tight crosses shots. 3-1 Halep.


12:13 – Ready ???? GO! First point of the semifinals, Garbine to serve. Muguruza smashes her classic BOOOM with forehand, she gets the very first “15” of the match. But Simona suddenly takes control of the rallies! In 7 minutes of tennis, Halep breaks the serve to the Iberian and holds his own service game, saving a chance for a counter break. 2-0 Halep!


11:50 – GOOD MORNING FROM ROME! A few drops of rain fell to cool this Sunday morning. Now a beautiful sun shines over Foro Italico. Everything is ready for another extraordinary day of tennis. The four semifinals are scheduled on Centre Court, with the presence of a small number of spectators.
Simona Halep vs. Garbine Muguruza is the first match of the day. Not before 2 pm, the first male “semi”: Novak Djokovic vs. Casper Ruud. Not before 4 pm the second female match, the IBI19 Champion Karolina Pliskova opposed to Marketa Vondrousova. In the evening, not before 7 pm, Denis Shapovalov vs. Diego Schwartzman. Four beautiful matches not to miss!

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